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“Afloat, upon the surface of a smooth and silent river...

…slowly breathing, you observe the shifting currents as you float downstream…

There is little much to do, but let the river take you...”

Surrendering to its flow, slowly you realise that perhaps there is no separation between surface and sky, between your mind and the river itself…

…and if your mind is the river and the river your mind…perhaps if you can balance the thoughts and feelings and sensations that arise…you may have some say in where you are taken…”

Navigate the river's currents, balancing your mind against the thought forms that arise...Death is inevitable, but how much of life's poetry can you observe on your journey to the river's end?

36 cards build an immersive, poetic, solo play experience, ideal for quiet calm.

Carefully decide your way forward as you float downstream, attempting to achieve a clarity of mind, uncluttered by dark and weighty thoughts that threaten to pull you under.

float downstream: a game like no other...

Download: INSTRUCTIONS Solo Play

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Now an expansion pack of 18 cards provides additional depth and gameplay options to the experience, whilst extra counters and instructions create an absorbing multiplayer game that can be played either competitively or co-operatively.