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CIRCUITRY is a game for 1 to 6 players.

The aim is simple. Construct & negotiate the pathways of a circuit-board to reach your corresponding CHARGE POINT, before returning to the MASTER NODE.

To aid you in your task, a variety of action counters can be collected and played, allowing you to change the Circuit’s pathways, steal vital resources from an opponent, or force your opponents to move when they don’t want to.

30 double sided circuit cards are used to build the Circuit Board around which you must carefully plan your strategy.


You could just blindly charge forth, but the board changes as opponents look to frustrate your progress and swiften their own. So perhaps it's better to bide your time and gather as many resources as possible before committing to a movement.

CIRCUITRY was successfully funded on KICKSTARTER in March 2022.

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If you click on the Bloodmoon Games logo on the following videos you'll be taken to the Blood Moon Games channel on YouTube where you will find all of the videos relating to the games we make.

Single Player Hall of Fame...

Complete any of the Single Player Puzzles using less cards than that stated in the manual (or currently in the Hall of Fame) and earn a space in the Hall of Fame. Submit your solution sets via photo tweet with puzzle number and #circuitrySPP and we'll get in touch to get your details entered. 

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