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You awake in darkness - a feeling of crushing dread and terror. Paralysed and disconnected from your body - awake but not awake - each command to move seemingly ignored.

Disconnected from the real you exist, drifting in a mindscape of increasing abstraction. Strange symbols begin to form as if embodiments of energies that you should somehow know and be familiar with. Some seem meaningfully connected, almost smiling at you, as if offering a glimmer of hope that will perhaps allow you your freedom.

Although confused and disorientated you try to remain calm, for as and when the panic arises, it seems accompanied by shadowed forms that flit around the edges of your awareness, strange fluttering sounds, clawing and biting at the fabric of your mind, threatening to tear through & pull you deeper and further from the real, to a point of no return. 

Perhaps though you should stay fast your mind and confront these inner demons - wrestle from them the fear & leverage they seem to hold over you. Maybe this is the path to take back to the light.

Navigate then the labyrinth of your mind, manipulating its fabric, collecting, spending and storing energies in an attempt to return to the real, all the while holding at bay a rising panic that threatens to overwhelm you.

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Take on the role of a bhikku or bhikkuni, a wandering monk/nun. Explore the forest trails, cleanse locations of negativity, and appease the spirits whilst surviving day to day.


Amidst the difficulty and suffering of life, attempt to live poetically amidst the autumn world, contemplating and extracting the essence of your experiences to express them as beautiful haiku thereby gaining insights into the true nature of reality and perhaps realising your true inner potential.

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