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I was recently told by a friend that my bio was quote 'too serious' and that I should let more of my personality show. But, as I painstakingly explained to her, nobody wants to hear about alcoholic elephants or being press ganged by elves into indentured servitude, or of having to buy one's freedom with Toblerone bars! Keep it serious I say ...that's my motto. So...


I'm Jeremy and I established Blood Moon Games Ltd in January 2019. Blood Moon Games is a small independent games company, located in the North East of England, which specialises in board games, utilising unique game mechanics to maximise playability and enjoyment, and promote reasoning and the development of thinking skills. Our games are aimed at a wide age range but should be suitable for players of mixed ages to play together - i.e. ideal for parents to spend time with their children or for older siblings to play with younger ones. 

Where possible, we try to support local illustrators, artists, designers and producers.

I have a background in Philosophy, Maths and Maths Education but also a love of gaming, puzzling and design, which began when I first encountered a Rubik's Cube at the age of 3.

In addition to game design I spend a lot of time designing and delivering mathematical enrichment events for both students and staff in and around the North-East and also writing novels and stories. 

You can find examples of my writing on Royal Road

All seriousness aside, if you see the elves coming - run!...Oh, and never trust an elephant...and if you get the chance, only store and stack Toblerone bars, never eat just never know when they'll hum in candy...I mean come in handy... over...

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