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A lot of time was spent developing a rich world mythology, along with a cannon of legends from which a historical timeline of approximately 2000 years eventually emerged. And within this historical context, the development of the tiles and the cultural amusements which utilised them slowly evolved and were worked out.

However, for a variety of reasons, by the time Oganika went into production, it had been stripped of this context down to total abstraction, with a removal of most if not all of the gaming elements that were played within the culture.


It is the intention of Blood Moon Games Ltd to re-instate this fantasy context but also respect those who have already invested in the Oganika Kickstarter campaigns. Therefore, moving forward, production and product development of Oganika will continue to be supported in its initial KS format, whilst simultaneously an alternative product strand: Oganika Arcanum will emerge with an RPG/storytelling context.


Keep a look out for the following...

From basic design to production, the Oganika puzzle system went through numerous changes before launching on Kickstarter in 2019. The idea for the tiles was originally conceived within the context of a fantasy world called Imbril. The designer was considering writing a series of books set within Imbril, specifically located within the Ordish Empire, the tiles forming part of the cultural backdrop, a basis for a variety of games and entertainments that were an integral part of Ordish culture and the world beyond.

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