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Shaman Stones will be a further addition to the 'Blood Moon Games' suite, a collection of games that are centred around the Isle of Doo'Lally and the cultures of the Faerie Tribes that live there.

Derived from the trolling tribes of ancient pre history, long before the Isle of Doo'Lally was ceded to all Faeries by the Leprechaun Accords, Shaman stones has been dusted down and brought into the modern era.

Fully developed and play tested we're just waiting to put the final touches to the prototype...and to trade some pigs.

A strange and unique strategy game. Utterly simple to learn, but hiding a surprising degree of complexity. Requiring tactical play and refined thinking: Shaman Stones is a game of rough and ready workmanship for 2-4+ players; ideal fun for families, friends and feuding rivals alike!

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