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A game like no other...


Embark on a meditative journey. 36 unique river cards create a poetic landscape through which you slowly drift. With a mixture of luck and strategy, attempt to negotiate the currents of life's river, all the while maintaining a balanced mind against the thought forms that threaten to pull you under.


Here are what the reviews said:


"The game draws on meditation just like Gentle Rain does...and float downstream does that meditation thing really well, I would even say it does [it] in a slightly better way."


"The theme works really well here...a very interesting theme - this game is doing something unique and different."


"The game is [initially] quite complex [...] but once you know how to play the game it has a really nice flow."


"It's really well really feel like you are going down river and you can really be one with your thoughts because the game becomes intuitive after a while."


"I really enjoyed this game, the theme is really nailed here, the meditation aspect works really well and once you learn the rules you really get into the flow and that's really nice."


"I think this is a really really unique game."


"The artwork of float downstreamreally tries to help you reach a meditative state. It’s quite abstract and feels ethereal...[...]It fits perfectly the theme of this game."


"As it is, the game creates a rather addictive solo experience. When you get to the end and count up the river cards you have traversed, subtract bad thoughts and add good thoughts to arrive at your total points, you want to play again straight away and beat your own score."


"I’m not much of a solo player myself, but even I enjoyed playing float downstream a lot."


"If you’re after a game that gives you a little bit of distraction and helps you relax and clear your mind, float downstream is definitely worth checking out."

float downstream...

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