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A fun filled family game of quick thinking, skill, strategy and patience.


Construct & negotiate the pathways of a shifting circuit-board to reach your corresponding CHARGE POINT, before returning charge to the MASTER NODE.


Circuitry was successfully funded on Kickstarter and these are quotes from its reviews:

A game to be proud of. It is so well polished, easy to follow and great fun.


“This game is filled with love.”


An excellent little game that is fun for all ages and really simple to learn and play.


“So good I asked the designers if I could keep my prototype and not send it on to anyone else, which I’ve never done before.”


An awesome concept for a little game. Really enjoyed this one!


“There’s a lot going on for this. This is definitely a buy!”


"It is fun, it's unique, and it is fast to learn.


“It’s fantastic, there’s not many games that do this anymore.”


This is a phenomenal little game. Blood Moon Games: well done! Really really well thought out.


“A great game that really does make you laugh at the misfortune of yourself and others.”


Very easy to learn with a lot of replay-ability.


“[I’ve played it with 3 players]… but it’s a game for up to six players and I’d love to play with six players as I’d imagine it would be madness!”


"It is fun, it is fast, and you can get some cool turns as you manipulate the board..."


“Sitting down and playing this has been an absolute delight!”


" will be cursing and shouting at your opponents as your best laid plans all go out the window..."


“This is a really fun game that I would definitely add to my collection.”


"Thought this was absolutely brilliant [with] some really nice mechanics in there."



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