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The Original Concept:

If you'd like to find out how the 'Oganika' tiles were developed and what Blood Moon Games is planning on doing with them, then why not click here.

Kickstarter Puzzle Edition:

If you backed the original Kickstarter by NewRoadsGaming and are looking for additional cards, guidance files and puzzles then click here

OGANIKA is a puzzle and game system that consists of a set of 36 unique tiles. If you would like to learn how they were designed and discover some of the mathematics that are present within them and how you could potentially use them for educational purposes then click here.

Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 19.47.14.png

Puzzles can be set in a variety of ways but generally they will consist of a construction image (template) into which the tiles need to be placed (solution) so that all internal connections match up without terminating.





The Oganika tiles are like a geometric pack of cards and just like a pack of cards, many games can be played with them and with a bit of imagination many new games can be developed. Keep a look out for free gaming instructions below...



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