welcome to the secret print and play section for ANNIHILATION...you'll have only got here via a twitter link so thank you for exploring and taking the time.

Annihilation was conceived on 13th Oct 2021 and this version has been uploaded on 16th Oct 2021 so it's only really 3 days old...it's amazing what one can achieve in such a short amount of time but as the wonderful Kate Bush so eloquently said - be kind to my mistakes.

instruction file a5PDF
board print file a4PDF
pieces print file a4PDF

I understand that the instructions might not be the best but I'll try to update them with additional examples and illustrations based on reflection and feedback. But why not have an explore and see what you think...all feedback/constructive criticism will be gratefully received at bloodmoongamesltd@icloud.com. If you send it to me with the title: I WISH TO ANNIHILATE YOU JEREMY then I'll know it's not spam.